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16th-Sep-2010 03:53 pm - Fic: Crossing the Divide
Fedal smiling
Title: Crossing the Divide
Author name: frogglesthefrog
Artist name: buyo105
Fandom: Tennis RPS
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Fedal
Rating: R
Word count: 24,112
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If only...
Warnings/Spoilers: Written in Roger's POV.
Summary: Since their falling out so many years ago, the families Federer and Nadal have split and dominated the tennis world for years. But when two young, rising stars meet, everything changes. Based loosely on the premise of Romeo and Juliet.
AN: Just a few quick notes. Firstly, thank you to the mods over at rpf_big_bang for organising this huge shebang! To _toni for encouraging me with this and reading it for me to make sure it made sense! To tiptoetwirl for flailing with me over email as we both tried to finish our fics: we did it! Yay! And to buyo105 for the wonderful art she created for this fiction. Thank you everyone!


Crossing the DivideCollapse )
16th-Sep-2010 03:12 pm - Fic: The Sound of Fedal Music (1/3)
Title: The Sound of Fedal Music
Pairing: Fedal
Rating: PG at most.
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. Neither does The Sound of Music. If only...
Summary: It's like the Sound of Music but with less Nazis and more tennis.

The Sound of Fedal Music Part 1Collapse )
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