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Fic: His Shawn 
16th-Sep-2010 05:20 pm
Shawter safe
Title: His Shawn
Pairing: Shawter
Rating: PG, for the odd swear word
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If only...
Summary: Hunter doesn't like Shawn's new storyline.
AN: Bit of background info. In Dec. 2008 Shawn's character lost all his money in the global recession and was forced to take a job with JBL in order to pay back his debts. JBL contracted Shawn to help him win the World Heavyweight Title, making Shawn cheat for him so he could become the No.1 contender. Also inspired by this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0T5jI1oJu0

Staying backstage was the hardest part of the whole storyline. Hunter had to continually remind himself that that was all it was. A storyline. But fuck, Shawn sold it so well. Hunter hated it. He hated watching Shawn go out there and subject himself to such humiliation from Bradshaw. He paced back and forth in Shawn’s locker room, eyes glued to the television. He wasn’t even supposed to be here, he isn’t even on RAW anymore, after being drafted to Smackdown. But last week he’d had enough. This storyline would end, tonight.

He watched as Shawn left the ring, under orders from Bradshaw, watched his tortured eyes as he fought with himself, to do the right thing for Rey, or to do the right thing for his family. Hunter knew this was tearing Shawn Michaels apart.

The contrast of Shawn when he opened the door to his locker room, to the man he’d seen moments before in the ring was startling and hard to take. Shawn beamed when he saw Hunter sitting there waiting for him.

“Hunter! What are you doing here?” He closed the door and pulled off his vest, flopping down on the sofa beside him.

“Came to see you. It’s been a while. I hate being on different shows.”

Shawn raised an eyebrow. “Sure Hunter, that’s why you came. We’ve plans to see each other this weekend, what’s the real deal?”

Hunter scowled, black mood settling over him almost at once as Shawn called him out.

“Hunt, what’s up?” Shawn turned sideways on the sofa, putting his legs over Hunter’s lap and settling back against the arm, fixing Hunter with a firm stare.

“I don’t like your storyline.” Hunter mumbled, one hand fisted in his hair in frustration, the other resting on top of Shawn’s knee.

“You what?”

“I don’t like your storyline.”

Hunter wasn’t looking at him, face down with his hair shielding his eyes.

“What’s wrong with the storyline? Do you not think it’s working? Are people not believing it or something?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s too believable. I hate seeing you with Bradshaw.”

“You’re… jealous of Bradshaw?” Now Shawn was really confused. Hunter knew that Shawn was his, didn’t he?

“No, I want to fucking kill him!” Hunter exploded, pushing Shawn’s legs off his lap and standing, frustration lacing his body. His huge shoulders were tensed, as if in preparation for a fight and he stood with his back to Shawn.

“How dare he treat you like that? Who does he think he is? He can’t use you like this. He can’t humiliate you like this, it shouldn’t be allowed.”

Shawn bit back a laugh. He’d never seen Hunter so agitated. “You know it’s just a storyline right? It’s not real Hunter. I’m not actually bankrupt or anything.”

“But he shouldn’t use you like this! Stop laughing Shawn, it’s serious! You’re the Showstopper. The Main Event! The Headliner! The Heartbreak Kid. You don’t look like him anymore out there.”

This was really agitating Hunter; Shawn was a little surprised by that fact. No one knew the business better than Hunter and the fact that this was really bothering him came as somewhat of a surprise.

“I’m not supposed to; I’ll take that as a compliment to my good acting.”

“I hate it. You’re not my Shawn out there.”

So that’s what this was all about.

Shawn stood, going over to Hunter and wrapping his arms around his waist, pulling him round to look him in the eye.

“It’ll be over soon Hunter. I’ll get my triumphant victory over him and everything will return to normal, just you wait and see.”

He still looked unappeased, a scowl still decorating his face.

“I want to end it now. We can change the storyline, Steph will let us.”

“Hunter.” Shawn cut him off and he sighed, pushing his hands into Shawn’s hair.

“I could come into the storyline, I could loan you the money, we’re friends Shawn, it wouldn’t look weird. I just, I don’t want you working for him anymore. What else is he going to make you do?”

“You think I’d like taking money from my friends? Hunter, think of my pride, it’s honestly better this way.”

“I know, I know. Stupid fucker.” He muttered mutinously.

Shawn smiled and pressed a kiss to his mouth.

“You could tell them to hell with it, you’ve been living with me for the past four years and like fuck do you need Bradshaw’s money.” He suggested, one last attempt.

Shawn laughed. “I bet the fans would love that.”

“Don’t care.” He said, in a right mood now.

“Would it help your mood if I told you, I appreciate you looking out for me and caring about me?” He asked, turning big eyes on Hunter.

Hunter withstood the onslaught for a moment, before he sighed and broke down. “Yeah. Sorry, I’m getting too involved. You sell it too well Shawn.”

“Thank you.” He grinned and Hunter smiled back automatically. No one can resist Shawn’s smile. He tugged Hunter’s head down until their foreheads were touching.

“I’m still your Shawn. Always have been, always will be.”

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