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16th-Sep-2020 04:54 pm - Fic: Master Post
This journal contains all the writings of frogglesthefrog. This is a Master list with links to all the stories, which will hopefully make the journal easier to navigate.


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14th-Feb-2012 06:32 pm - Fic: Losing His Grip
Shawter safe
Title: Losing His Grip
Pairing: Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith/Lieutenant Templeton “Faceman” Peck
Rating: R for swearing
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If only...
Summary: Hannibal promised to rescue them from prison. Face believed him. But six months is a long time to wait. Has Hannibal forgotten about him?
AN: Written for another prompt on the A-Team kink meme. “When they get sentenced to prison, Hannibal promises his team he’ll fix it. And, considering, 6 months of separation is not that long. Or is it?”

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14th-Aug-2011 02:47 pm - Fic: The Ace in the Pack
Shawter safe
Title: The Ace in the Pack
Pairing: Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith/Lieutenant Templeton 'Faceman' Peck
Rating:R for one slightly naughty bit?
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If only...
Summary: Face just continually surprises Hannibal.
AN: Again, written to fill a prompt from the A-Team kink meme. The prompt was: "Set pre-movie, Hannibal is playing cards with his officer buddies when one of them adds something unexpected to the pot. Hannibal assumes it was done in jest until he receives the transfer papers assigning a young, fresh-faced Ranger to his command.

Cue a 'what the hell am I supposed to do with a green kid' Hannibal, and a 'wise beyond his years' Face, repeatedly demonstrating his value. Slash or gen welcome :)"
I think it veered off course slightly, but that I couldn't help!

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13th-Jun-2011 09:24 am - Fic: Sharing a Bed
Shawter safe
Title: Sharing a Bed
Pairing: Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith/Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck
Rating: PG-13 to R? I'm not sure.
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If only...
Summary: It was really all Hannibal's fault that Face was sharing a bed with him.
AN: Written for a prompt over at the A-Team kink meme except I can't really write the porn so it's more fluffy than anything else. Anyway, the prompt was: "Face likes to sleep in the same bed as Hannibal...... because Hannibal's awesome and warm and he doesn't get any nightmares when he's in Hannibal's bed. And maybe he likes to snuggle and hug people, mayyybe. Whatever, it's awesome and totally not weird to sleep in the same bed with a dude.
Little does Face know that Hannibal... has a slight problem with the kid crawling into his bed every night. And with the snuggles. Because Face's platonic love cuddles give him a raging, not very platonic boner... and that's not that easy to conceal if there's a touchy-feely lieutenant in your bed...". Also, this pairing has basically taken over my brain, lord help me.

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24th-Oct-2010 05:26 pm - Fic: You Could Be Happy
Title: You Could Be Happy
Pairing: Centon
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If only...
Summary: Randy's relationship with John wasn't the best thing for John.
AN: Song fic, using Snow Patrol's "You Could Be Happy" which has been running round my head for days. Also, apparently trying to write Centon angst is like kicking puppies in the face - near impossible. *sigh*

You Could Be HappyCollapse )
16th-Sep-2010 05:20 pm - Fic: His Shawn
Shawter safe
Title: His Shawn
Pairing: Shawter
Rating: PG, for the odd swear word
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If only...
Summary: Hunter doesn't like Shawn's new storyline.
AN: Bit of background info. In Dec. 2008 Shawn's character lost all his money in the global recession and was forced to take a job with JBL in order to pay back his debts. JBL contracted Shawn to help him win the World Heavyweight Title, making Shawn cheat for him so he could become the No.1 contender. Also inspired by this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0T5jI1oJu0

His ShawnCollapse )
16th-Sep-2010 05:16 pm - Fic: Royal Rumble
Shawter safe
Title: Royal Rumble
Pairing: Shawter
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. If only...
Summary: Its during that fourth Spinebuster that it all goes wrong.
AN: Written after the RR'10 when I was exceedingly worried about the state of Hunter's knees.

Royal RumbleCollapse )
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